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James Fortune, the BEST Corporate magician in Surrey
James Fortune, the BEST Corporate magician in Surrey

Corporate Entertainment at its best!

Ensure that you and your clients are professionally entertained
at your events by the most experienced corporate magician in Surrey

“We have used James for many years now and he has NEVER failed us. Indeed, I can easily justify any fee he asks for in the many benefits to our company his hilarious entertainment provides.

I can thoroughly recommend James to any business wanting to make their events go with a bang!”

Ashley Herman

Chairman, Encore Tickets PLC

A New Approach

When you are trying to come up with something a little different for your next event, seriously consider the benefits of having an experienced entertainer on your side. James pulls that special something out of the hat to help you organise that memorable …

  • Awards Dinner
  • Banquet
  • Conference
  • Promotion
  • Product Launch
  • Sales Presentation
  • Trade Exhibition

Spell-binding Fun!

Entertaining close up magic – performed right under their noses –  is ideal for all corporate events because it is non-intrusive and just helps the occasion along with laughter and fun. James’s style is funny and charming without being ‘blue’ or offensive in any way. At dinners and banquets, James will entertain at each table between courses and during the coffee. At parties, buffets and receptions, he will go ‘walkabout’ – mixing and mingling with your guests, entertaining them with magic and laughter

Mix and Mingle Them Up

When you are holding your event, one of the things that James can achieve for you is to mix your clients together, break up the ‘company packs’ and get them all talking to each other, This has been found to be incredibly powerful both for your benefit in that they are discussing their customer experiences with each other and for them so that they enjoy themselves a lot more. Giving them an unforgettable evening and, perhaps, increasing your business – all in one go!

Get Yourself Branded!

Corporate branding, as we know, is of primary importance when used as a weapon against your competitors. It’s so important that your prospects and customers have YOUR name in front of them rather than anyone else’s. With sufficient notice, James can supply giveaway items that carry your brand and incorporate your message, product or service into his entertainment. Hie can help you launch your new product or service in a unique way and mke the event unforgettable!

Grabbing Their Attention

The watch words on trade show stands is “STOP! LOOK! LISTEN!” and James is guaranteed to stop delegates and prospective clients as they pass your stand, drawing crowds to hear your message. He has many ways of doing this depending upon why you want to stop them, what benefits you offer and so on. James can also magically distribute your give-aways and entertain in your hospitality area. If you include James on your stand, you can e sure that your sales people will have lots of opportunities to talk to prospects who are happy to be on your stand due to James’s antics. The aim, of course, is to attract prospective clients to your stand. Rob’s magic is fast, fun and involves people individually. He can magically distribute your give-aways, draw crowds to your stand or entertain in your hospitality area.Disappearing competitors may well be the order of the day! 🙂

Corporate Entertainment Is Expensive – NOT!

Obviously you want your event to be the best there is and there are so many things that you have to provide for, isn’t entertainment just another expense?

No it is not! It is an INVESTMENT to ensure your special event is also a special event for all your guests. There are so many benefits to having someone entertain your guests, prospects, clients and so on that it is clearly a superb investment! Indeed results have shown that good entertainment has an excellent Return On Investment (ROI).

Imagine having someone you can totally rely on to be there just when you need him to be. Your very own champion at your side.

A Professional You Can Rely On

As all corporate events are so important, and so much is at stake, you need absolute confidence in your suppliers.

James has been a professional entertainer, keynote speaker, writer and director for over thirty years and specialises in bringing hilarious but clever magical entertainment to you and your guests.

You want a well-educated entertainer who is always well-turned out and who can fit into any environment and atmosphere and one that has performed at every type of corporate event from a young new businesses to ‘blue chip’ PLCs. Finally, he needs the social skills to fit in and make friends with everyone from Royalty to dustmen.

James is all these things and more. His entertainment is funny but never blue and never unkind – the only person he takes the Mickey out of is himself.

You want good judgement and discretion, a professional whom you can trust and rely on completely.

It should hardly need saying that James has £10 million worth of Third Party Liability insurance, a well-maintained car and full satellite navigation.

An Entertainer of the Highest Calibre

The entertainer you select should be recognised by his peers and especially The Magic Circle for his magical and entertaining abilities.

James has been a Surrey Magic Champion twice and was recently awarded the great honour of receiving the highest rank in The Magic Circle apart from being President. He is now a Member of The Inner Magic Circle with Gold Star – one of only three hundred (300) in the entire world!

James is a Member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians and the Surrey Society of Magicians and is also in the very small group of magicians who The Magic Circle trust to entertain their own guests during their Meet The Magic Circle evenings!

This is exactlky what you are looking for – an experienced entertainer who will GUARANTEE that you and your guests enjoy World Class entertainment!

The Magic Circle Logo

What James Can Do For You

Think of James as your Court Jester for the day, amazing your guests and keeping them laughing all through the event.

To achieve this, James can offer a selection of entertainment options for your corporate event:

  • Draw crowds of prospects to your trade stand
  • Entertaining you and your guests with funny but clever close up magic right under their noses during parties, receptions and hospitality
  • Entertaining you and your guests around the tables during dinners and banquets
  • Entertaining you and your guests with his hilarious comedy cabaret show
  • Saw a favourite client in half!
  • Make your new product, CEO or keynote speaker appear as if by magic!
  • Giving a keynote speech to motivate your staff incorporating magic as a theme

If you want you, your staff and your clients to be amazed, amused and totally baffled by a professional entertainer that you can rely on, contact James for a no-obligation discussion NOW!

James Fortune, "the BEST comedy magician in Surrey"

Over 30 Years Experience

James Fortune, "the BEST comedy magician in Surrey"

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James Fortune, "the BEST comedy magician in Surrey"

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James Fortune, "the BEST comedy magician in Surrey"

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James Fortune MIMC magician surrey magicians surrey

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James Fortune MIMC magician surrey magicians surrey

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